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4 Wheeler Tires

Can the wrong 4 wheeler tires be unsafe?

While there are other issues surrounding the wrong set of 4 wheeler tires on your vehicle the most important issue is of course safety. And to answer the question yes, the incorrect 4 wheeler tires can be a huge risk to your safety. While occasionally falling from your vehicle can be expected and you will no doubt be wearing all the correct safety equipment that does not mean that you want to increase your chances of endangering your safety.

While riding an ATV is predominantly an adrenaline rush a disregard to safety can extinguish your rush very rapidly. All ATV competitions, camps and tracks ensure that every rider wears a helmet and now most are checking that tires are to a good standard and are correct for the terrain. The choice of 4 wheeler tires has advanced so much in recent years that there is a wide variety of tires suited to every possible terrain, condition and experience. This advancement is ensuring that all riders' issues surrounding safety are as minimal as possible.

The wide variety of 4 wheeler tires can be daunting to a less experienced rider but as you're experience grows you will be able to make a quick and easy selection of the correct four wheeler tires for your ATV, the terrain you'll be riding on, the conditions surrounding you and also which 4 wheeler tires simply suit your comfort needs and riding style.

It is essential that novices have all the correct equipment (including the correct 4 wheeler tires) when first learning to ride an ATV and the same rules apply to expert ATV riders. Not only can wheels on the wrong terrain deteriorate quickly or lack control but also they can damage the ATV causing a mechanical malfunction. If this malfunction does occur then it does not matter if the rider has been riding for 10 days or 10 years, the rider is only as strong as their vehicle. The correct 4 wheeler tires not only goes a long way in ensuring safety to the rider and avoidance of damage to the ATV but also maximizes performance and fuel economy, which matter to a rider of any previous experience.

At ATV Maniac Store we have a huge selection of 4 wheeler tires for every terrain and condition and as well as this we have expert knowledge just a phone call away if the variety is confusing you. We also appreciate that while safety is a big concern that riders simply want to get out and feel the rush of the ride as soon as possible, which is why we ship any orders placed before 3:00pm CST on the same day and delivery usually takes between one to four days, meaning that you can ride sooner while still being safe in the knowledge that your safety is not being neglected. When it comes to safety we cut no corners and also have a wide selection of helmets, goggles and tire chains to ensure that your fun is controlled but not compromised.

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