How to Select Tires for Your ATV

Posted by maniacadmin on September 24, 2013
ATV Tires

Tires have a lot to do with the safety, comfort and performance of your ATV. From the size of the tires to the shape of their tread, all will make a major difference in your ride. Here are some important aspects to should consider when selecting new tires for your ATV.


The correct size of tires for your ATV will be given in the owner’s manual, or if your ATV is new and still has the stock tires, you can get the size right off the sidewall. However, the numbers can be a bit daunting to figure out. Usually the size will have three sets of digits. The first set of numbers is the height of your tire, the next set will be the width, and last set of numbers specifies the wheel size on which the tire can be mounted.

If you see a letter like R in the size, it only means the tire is of Radial construction. However, not all size readings are the same. Some tires might have metric measurements, the second set of numbers might indicate the aspect ratio, and the last set might include speed rating as well. Hence, you need to be sure about the size of your tire before you purchase new ones. Learn more about interpreting the measurements on your tire’s sidewall.

Tires for Specific Terrains

Usually, most ATVs are fitted with trail tires or all-terrain tires; but if you are going to ride on more specific terrains, it is wise to opt for tires suitable for that particular type of terrain. If you are going to ride on muddy trails, you should choose mud tires that have sharp, angled treads with bigger gaps between the treads. The sharp angles help in providing added traction, while the increased gaps between treads will help to free the caked mud while the tire is rotating.

Sand tires on the other hand will have cup-shaped treads for the rear tires, which helps in displacing sand by scooping. The front tires will simply have a pair of rudders without any treads. Sand tires should not be considered for any purpose except for riding on dunes and beaches. Trail tires or all-purpose tires do not excel at any particular terrain, but they offer a good ride in a wide range of conditions.

Purpose or Application

Your choice of tires will also depend on how you intend to use your ATV. If you are interested in racing your ATV, then you need racing tires that offer the right traction while handling curves at high speeds. Racing tires have a larger width, and the treads are very evenly spread all through the tire. However, you will need to consider the surface condition of the racing track to determine the spacing between treads.

If you ride your ATV for transporting goods or use it for some work, then you need tires that are durable and strong. For such purposes, consider tires with multi ply constructions and a radial casing. Some utility tires have a special knob-design at the center, which will lower the vibration. These tires also have a superior tread pattern to handle various types of ground and landscapes.

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